Broadband absorbers are typically used for applications where absorption is required over a wider band of frequencies, or in situations where frequencies are not well known or change dynamically.

Broadband absorbers are made from silicon or foam, and are typically thicker than narrowband absorbers.

Broadband absorbers made from foam offer performance across a broad range of frequencies, while offering lightweight construction suitable for airborne or other mass-critical applications.

Part Number Thickness Material -01 -02 -03 Datasheet
FB001-3750.375"  (9.5 mm)Polyether Reticulated Foam‌‌
FB002-5000.500"  (12.7 mm)Polyether Reticulated Foam‌‌
FB003-7500.750"  (19.1 mm)Polyether Reticulated Foam‌‌
FB004-10001.000"  (25.4 mm)Polyether Reticulated Foam‌‌
FB005-12501.250"  (31.8 mm)Polyether Reticulated Foam‌‌
FB011-1250.125"  (3.2 mm)Lossy Foam‌‌
FB012-2500.250"  (6.4 mm)Lossy Foam‌‌
FB013-5000.500"  (12.7 mm)Lossy Foam‌‌
FB021-15001.500"  (38.1 mm)Convoluted Foam‌‌
FB022-30003.000"  (76.2 mm)Convoluted Foam‌‌
FB025-11401.140"  (29 mm)Multilayer Foam‌‌
SB011-0200.020"  (0.5 mm)Silicone‌‌
SB012-0300.030"  (0.8 mm)Silicone‌‌
SB025-0100.010"  (0.3 mm)Silicone
SB031-0060.006"  (0.2 mm)Silicone
SB032-0200.020"  (0.5 mm)Silicone
SB033-0100.010"  (0.3 mm)Silicone
SB036-0400.040"  (1 mm)Silicone
SB037-0600.060"  (1.5 mm)Silicone‌‌
SB047-0400.040"  (1 mm)Silicone‌‌
SB051-0200.020"  (0.5 mm)Silicone‌‌
SB052-0300.030"  (0.8 mm)Silicone‌‌

Sheet Size & Availability
-01 24" x 24" (609mm x 609mm)
-02 12" x 24" (305mm x 609mm)
-03 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm)
Available in Specified Size
Not Available in Specified Size


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