In order to facilitate testing Wavexorb is pleased to provide customers with a sample kit containing our most popular absorber products. Each 2x6" (50 x 152mm) sample is adhesive backed and may be trimmed to fit your application.

If you require samples of an absorber not listed in our sample kit please feel free to Contact Us and request a sample of the Part Number you would like to test.

Sample Kit Contents

Category Part Number Thickness Material -01 -02 -03 Datasheet
BroadbandFB001-3750.375"  (9.5 mm)Polyether Reticulated Foam‌‌
BroadbandFB011-1250.125"  (3.2 mm)Lossy Foam‌‌
BroadbandSB025-0100.010"  (0.3 mm)Silicone
BroadbandSB032-0200.020"  (0.5 mm)Silicone
BroadbandSB033-0100.010"  (0.3 mm)Silicone
BroadbandSB047-0400.040"  (1 mm)Silicone‌‌
BroadbandSB051-0200.020"  (0.5 mm)Silicone‌‌
BroadbandSB052-0300.030"  (0.8 mm)Silicone‌‌
NarrowbandSN014-0500.050"  (1.3 mm)Silicone‌‌
NarrowbandSN055-0600.060"  (1.5 mm)Silicone‌‌
NarrowbandSN057-0800.080"  (2 mm)Silicone‌‌

Sheet Size & Availability
-01 24" x 24" (609mm x 609mm)
-02 12" x 24" (305mm x 609mm)
-03 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm)
Available in Specified Size
Not Available in Specified Size


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