Narrowband absorbers, also known as Tuned frequency or Resonant Frequency Absorbers are generally a single layer absorber that resonates at a specified frequency.

Narrowband absorbers are ideally suited for applications requiring absorption at a specific frequency or narrow band typically providing +/- 10% of the resonant frequency.

Narrowband absorbers can be custom formulated to a frequency by simply changing the formulation and thickness.

Narrowband absorbers are typically considerably thinner than other types of absorbers which makes them the preferred choice for applications where wide band absorption is not required.

Part Number Frequency Thickness Material -01 -02 -03 Datasheet
SN013-0409.50 GHz0.040"  (1 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN014-0506.50 GHz0.050"  (1.3 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN015-0605.50 GHz0.060"  (1.5 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN016-0704.50 GHz0.070"  (1.8 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN017-0803.75 GHz0.080"  (2 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN018-0903.25 GHz0.090"  (2.3 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN019-1003.00 GHz0.100"  (2.5 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN020-1251.75 GHz0.125"  (3.2 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN053-04011.00 GHz0.040"  (1 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN054-0508.00 GHz0.050"  (1.3 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN055-0606.75 GHz0.060"  (1.5 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN056-0705.25 GHz0.070"  (1.8 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN057-0804.25 GHz0.080"  (2 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN058-0903.50 GHz0.090"  (2.3 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN059-1003.00 GHz0.100"  (2.5 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN060-1252.00 GHz0.125"  (3.2 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN071-1751.00 GHz0.175"  (4.4 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN072-1282.00 GHz0.128"  (3.3 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN073-0953.00 GHz0.095"  (2.4 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN074-0784.00 GHz0.078"  (2 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN075-0815.00 GHz0.081"  (2.1 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN076-0706.00 GHz0.070"  (1.8 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN077-0627.00 GHz0.062"  (1.6 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN078-0538.00 GHz0.053"  (1.3 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN079-0729.00 GHz0.072"  (1.8 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN080-06510.00 GHz0.065"  (1.7 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN081-06011.00 GHz0.060"  (1.5 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN082-05612.00 GHz0.056"  (1.4 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN083-05113.00 GHz0.051"  (1.3 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN084-04714.00 GHz0.047"  (1.2 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN085-04515.00 GHz0.045"  (1.1 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN086-04316.00 GHz0.043"  (1.1 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN087-04117.00 GHz0.041"  (1 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN088-04618.00 GHz0.046"  (1.2 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN089-1401.50 GHz0.140"  (3.6 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN091-04224.00 GHz0.042"  (1.1 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN093-1003.75 GHz0.100"  (2.5 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN094-02065.00 GHz0.020"  (0.5 mm)Silicone‌‌
SN100-03633.00 GHz0.035"  (0.9 mm)Silicone‌‌

Sheet Size & Availability
-01 24" x 24" (609mm x 609mm)
-02 12" x 24" (305mm x 609mm)
-03 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm)
Available in Specified Size
Not Available in Specified Size


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